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Welead OC Candidate/Political Training  Series
Coming January 2024

Potential candidates and future leaders are invited to register in advance. Those living outside of Orange County, CA are also invited to register! All are welcome.

Campaign/Political Training

Affordable housing, rent control, homelessness, public education, parking, bike lanes, bus service, public health, city parks, beaches, city services, protecting our environment, economic development, infrastructure, public safety, social services, equal access, equal justice and combatting anti-hate, impact the majority of communities every day and rest solely in the hands of those elected to city councils and school boards.

To ensure constituents' best interests and civil rights are best served and preserved, Welead OC is seeking Women Democratic candidates, activists wanting to take a deeper dive into campaigns and those wanting to pursue a campaign professional career.


Welead OC is the only program in Orange County, CA, dedicated exclusively to Progressive Women Democrats, city council and school board races and the only program that offers a 4-day, immersion development series offered at no cost. Welead OC  is community building and organizing around key local issues.


Each 4-day series is kept small to allow for a deep-dive, in-depth interaction, is wholly tailored locally and is broken down into key components essential for successful campaigns including:


  • Women, Campaigns and Politics;

  • Becoming a Candidate ---Setting Up Your Campaign/Campaign Structure/Campaign Budget;

  • Digital Media;

  • Telling Your Story;

  • Building Your Network/Community Engagement;

  • The Art of Fundraising;

  • Building a Strong Field/Voter Outreach Program;

  • Canvassing in Communities of Color.


Each cohort is facilitated by Women Democrats who are experts in their respective fields. In addition, community leaders, activists and elected officials are invited to speak and empower participants.


Successful Welead OC candidates established their campaign structure early, developed concise/relatable messages, had strong/effective field programs and started their field outreach early and consistently, allowing in a number of instances, as first-time candidates, to flip red seats.

Welead OC’s Alum network has grown exponentially since its inception, with a majority of activists, while not considered "VIPs" in the traditional sense, having had a consequential impact on local politics.


City Council and School Board candidates play on an unlevel field, giving way to federal, state and county candidates. Local candidates are the last rung on the ladder to receive party, institutional and donor support.


Welead OC helps to level the field through its programs, by giving its candidates the structural, financial and mentoring support they need and deserve, as it helps to build the next generation of leaders.


Welead OC does not accept corporate, developer or lobbyist money. Neither do its candidates. Welead OC PAC is truly People-Powered, wholly dependent upon the support of grassroots and community donors.


Welead OC, its alum and its future leaders, believe change will only take place kitchen-table-by-kitchen-table, block-by-block, neighborhood-by-neighborhood, precinct-by-precinct, city-by-city, county-by-county and state-by-state. Meet voters where they are, build communities and control the narrative. Today is the future and it is filled with qualified Progressive Women Democratic leaders.

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