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About Us

For Progressive Women Democrats By Progressive Women Democrats

Welead OC was created to seek out Progressive Women Democrats, especially in red and purple districts, to run for city council and school board seats, become active with campaigns/communities and to work as campaign professionals. Welead OC focuses on Women of Color, first-time candidates and those with a passion to walk through fire for equality and social justice.

Welead OC is the only program in Orange County, CA, dedicated exclusively to Progressive Women Democrats, city council and school board races and the only program that offers a 4-day, immersion development series offered at no cost to attendees.

Welead OC PAC Community Building

Our Mission

Welead OC develops the leadership skills of Progressive Women Democrats to run for city councils and school boards, with a focus on Women of Color and women living in under-represented communities.

The mission of Welead OC is not only to develop a strong qualified coalition of women candidates & activists, but to create a safe and supportive community for women, working together to ensure the election of more Progressive Women Democrats.

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