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If you don't think local elections matter, just ask the residents of Ferguson, Missouri. Ferguson, the 2014 scene of an officer-involved shooting of an unarmed, 18-year-old Black man, Michael Brown, is part of the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area. At the time there was not one African American serving on the 6-member city council. Not one African American served on Ferguson’s school boards. Not one single African American was represented anywhere in city government. This despite the racial make-up --- 67% Black/29% White. The gender gap was just as stunning --- 55% female/45% male. The events of that day in August 2014 and the decision by the Grand Jury not to indict the accused officer, was a major wake-up call for the community. Ferguson activists spurred into action organizing and reaching out to voters. The result: 3 African Americans (2 women) out of 6 seats were elected to the city council. For the first time in the history of Ferguson, an African American woman was elected in 2020, as mayor. Also in 2020 and another first --- Cori Bush, (1st CD which includes Ferguson) was sent to Washington, DC to the U.S. House of Representatives, the first ever African American woman to be elected to Congress from Missouri. It took 7 years to reach these historic markers for the African American community and to reach parity at the local level. Clearly it was a long slog but one they will admit was well worth it. Your city's elections matter. Welead OC celebrated its best cycle yet in 2020 --- 75% of our candidates got elected – 58% People of Color. Welead OC candidates were elected to city councils and school boards. We are proud not only of those Welead OC candidates who were successful in their efforts but for all our candidates who made a difference in our County with their candidacy. BUT --- We are not done yet. Welead OC is targeting specific OC cities, recruiting Progressive Democratic Women, Women of Color and women living in under-represented communities --- particularly those prospective candidates who support and promote progressive social, economic and environmental justice. Welead OC is now accepting applications for our June 2021 candidate training. For more information and to apply. Learn More/Apply

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