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Welead OC
Electing Progressive Democratic Women
to City Councils and School Boards

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Congratulations Jessica Guerrero!
Anaheim Union High School District
Area 1

Against all odds, Jessica, a first-time candidate & a lifelong resident of Anaheim, was successful in her campaign for Anaheim Union High School District, Area 1.  Jessica is was born and raised in the very district she is now representing. She understands first-hand, how AUHSD can work with parents, teachers & the community to achieve success for all students.

​Jessica attributes her educational & professional career to the programs she was involved early on in AUHSD. The support & guidance she received from her teachers & advisors at Sycamore Junior High & Anaheim High School helped Jessica realize her passion for work in education & mentoring students.

Welead OC is proud of Jessica and look forward to her success with the community!

Our Mission

Welead OC develops the leadership skills of Progressive Women Democrats to run for city councils and school boards, with a focus on Women of Color and women living in under-represented communities.

Our Mission is not only to develop a strong qualified coalition of women candidates & activists, but to create a safe and supportive community for women, working together to ensure the election of more Progressive Women Democrats.

Welead OC is for Progressive Women Democrats, by Progressive Women Democrats.

Michelle Bernier.jpg

C. Michelle Juarez Bernier
La Habra City Council

Helen Le Photo.jpg

Helen Le
Cypress City Council

2022 Welead OC Candidates!

Oscar Rodriguez Cropped Photo.jpg

Oscar Rodriguez
Huntington Beach City Council

Karen Weaver Photo2.jpg

Dr. Karen Williams Weaver
Mayor, Flint, MI

A Heartfelt Congratulations to our 2022 Candidates! Heros!

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Welead OC is For Progressive Women Democrats, By Progressive Women Democrats. We are Women of Color, Immigrants, Moms, Activists, Campaign Professionals, Run People-Powered Campaigns, are LGBTQA+, Mentors, First-Time Candidates and Flip Red Districts.

The 2020 election cycle was Welead OC's most successful yet. 75% of our candidates became city council and school board members -- 58% are People of Color.

Welead OC Progressive  Women Democratic candidates, activists & campaign professionals develop the confidence to hone their political skills and instincts.  

Is THIS Your Time?

If you live outside of Orange County, CA, you are invited to fill out the application below. Welead OC Progressive Women Democrats Candidate/Political Development Series is open to any Progressive Woman Democrat no matter where she lives!

Welead OC Alums

Candidates. Activists. Campaign Professionals

Meet Welead OC's Alum --- accomplished, empowered and emboldened leaders.

Help Welead OC PAC elect Progressive Women Democrats to City Councils and School Boards!

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