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Meet Welead OC Alums

We are Gen X, Y and Z (and some Boomers!) We are Single, Married, Moms, Immigrants, Dreamers, LGBTQA+, Straight, BIPOC, Black, Latina, Professionals, Students, Writers, Designers, Community Activists, Teachers, Mentors, Attorneys, Consultants, First-Time Candidates, Flip Red Districts, People Powered &

Woke Minders. 

We are Women.

We are Democrats. 

We are Welead OC

What is: People

Step Into Your Power

Affordable housing, rent control, homelessness, public libraries, public education, parking, bike lanes, bus service, public health, city parks, beaches, city services, protecting our environment, economic development, infrastructure, public safety, social services, equal access, equal justice and combatting hate, impact the majority of communities every day and rest solely in the hands of those elected to city councils and school boards and those who actively advocate within their communities

To ensure cities and municipalities best interests and civil rights are best served and preserved, Welead OC is seeking Progressive Women Democrats, interested in elevating their leadership skills as community activist, becoming a city council/school board candidate, or to take a deeper dive into campaigns to pursue a campaign professional career.

Did you know?

There are currently over 4,083 campaign managers employed nationally.

54% - Men and 46% - Women, an increase to be sure but we need to do better.


Since the 2016 election the decades-long, male-dominated campaign leadership industry has given way to women, once seen only as fundraisers and communications advisors, serving as significant influencers as campaign managers, media/mail advisors and pollsters.

In these significant positions, women are hiring staff, managing budgets, studying voter data, drafting messages and platforms and directing multi-level digital campaigns.

Welead OC is not about identity politics. Nor is it about giving women "a voice." Women have been using their voices for centuries. The campaign/policy playing field needs to be redesigned/reshaped to incorporate a more inclusive vision. Women need access to a platform that will embolden and inspire to become unequivocal partners in decision/policy-making.

Stepping Into Her Power

Stepping Into Her Power is a Welead OC initiative that promotes access and opportunity for the next generation of political leaders. We provide resources, mentorship and guidance to those interested in engaging in the political process and running for local office. We strive to create a diverse and inclusive environment that is representative of the communities we serve. Through Stepping Into Her PowerWelead OC hopes to empower Progressive Women Democrats to take ownership of their political future. Welead OC provides the necessary resources, tools and support to help Progressive Women Democrats become successful and informed political leaders.

Santa Ana Councilwoman Mayor Pro Tem Jessie Lopez

Jessie Lopez, City Councilmember

Santa Ana, Ward 3.

Welead OC Alum

Welead OC Alum and Santa Ana City Councilwoman, Ward 3, Jessie Lopez, a first-time candidate in a five-way race, was elected to the Santa Ana City Council in 2020.


Jessie was born and raised in Santa Ana to immigrant parents. She is an unapologetic product of the Santa Ana public school system and the first college graduate in her family, working two jobs to fund her education.


She was elected the old fashioned way --- unbridled by corporate and billionaire interests --- her campaign was grassroots motivated, fueled by volunteers who together with Jessie, engaged voters by knocking on doors and phone banking. Once elected, she brought with her and elevated the concerns of Santa Ana voters to the city council.


Jessie has made a significant impact on the Santa Ana community since her election as a champion for her community. During her tenure, she has worked to provide resources to support the city’s underserved communities, such as increasing access to affordable housing and increasing access to mental health services. She has also worked to improve public safety through initiatives like increasing police presence and creating a task force to address homelessness. She is a leader in advocating for social justice and has been a strong voice for immigrant rights.

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